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Men and Apes

Title: Men and Apes
Genre: Science, Nature & Pets
Author: Ramona Morris (?-2018) and Desmond Morris (1928-)
Illustrator: Uncredited; signature appears to be “Rossin.”
Publisher: Bantam Books, New York, New York.
Year: 1968 (first paperback edition of 1966 book)
Pages: 312
Format: Paperback, mass market format.
Provenance: Unknown.
Contents: introduction; sacred apes; apes as fools and sinners; apes as lovers; apes enjoyed; the ape discovered; the ape as an animal; intelligent apes; apes exploited; bibliography; index.
From the Introduction: “This is not a book about man’s evolution from an ape-like ancestor. There are plenty of those already. Instead it takes as its theme the many strange relationships that have grown up over the years between man and his nearest living relatives.”
Random Passage: “Carpenter has introduced the term Socionomic Sex Ratio (SSR), expressed as the number of females per male in the adult breeding population, to give a quick shorthand check for the compos…

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