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Walt Disney’s Treasury

Title: Walt Disney’s Treasury
Subtitle: 21 Best-Loved Stories
Genre: Children’s
Editors: Steffi Fletcher and Jane Werner
Adaptor: Dick Kelsey, assisted by Dick Moores
Illustrator: The Walt Disney Studios
Publisher: The Golden Press, New York, New York
Year: 1961 (10th printing of 1953 book)
Pages: 140
Format: Hardcover with printed, glossy cover.
Provenance: Unknown
Contents: Snow White; Three Little Pigs; Lady and the Tramp; The Old Mill; Bambi; The Tortoise and the Hare; Cinderella; The Little Red Hen; Pedro; De Tar-Baby; Peter Pan; The Ugly Duckling; Pinocchio; Bongo; Peter and the Wolf; Lambert, the Sheepish Lion; The Grasshopper and the Ants; Dumbo of the Circus; Pigs Is Pigs; Ben and Me; Sleeping Beauty.
Opening Sentence: “Once upon a time in a far-away land, a lovely Queen sat by her window sewing.” (from Snow White)
Random Passage: “Up in the woods near Hangman’s Tree waited Hook and his pirate band. As each boy came out, a hand was clapped over his mouth and he was quickly tie…

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