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Gat Heat

Title: Gat Heat
Genre: Suspense Fiction
Author: Richard S. Prather (1921-2007)
Illustrator: Uncredited
Publisher: Pocket Books, New York, New York
Series: “A Shell Scott Novel”
Year: 1971 (sixth paperback edition of a book published by Trident Press in 1967)
Pages: 186
Format: Paperback, mass-market format.
Provenance: Rubber stamp from Humphrey’s Paperback Book Exchange in Glendale, Arizona inside back cover.
Opening Sentence: “‘Sex,’ she said.”
Random Passage: “Only a short drive north of Beverly Hills, it was, like the Bel Air Hotel not far away, in a very woodsy setting with lots of trees and bosky growth all around, a sylvan landscape where one might expect poets to brood, but where, in fact, the high-powered well-to-do—industrialists, members of the board, company presidents, bankers, and numerous Hollywood producers, directors, writers, stars and even starlets—relaxed and played.”
Goodreads Description of Shell Scott: “A Southern California private eye, 6-foot-2 ex-marine with a…

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