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An Outline of Spiritual Healing

Title: An Outline of Spiritual Healing
Genre: Self-Help/Religion & Spirituality
Author: Gordon Turner; preface by Hildegarde Knef (1925-2002)
Illustrator: Ron Walotsky (1943-2002)
Publisher: Warner Paperback Library, New York, New York
Year: 1972
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback, Mass Market
Provenance: Unknown
Chapter Title Examples: Man, Mind and Disease; The Auric Field; The Healing 'Miracle'; The Healing of Animals; My Own Mediumship.
From the Preface: "It has taken a long time for spiritualism to find a champion capable of liberating it from the voodoo murk that has deterred all but furtive public interest throughout modern history. With this book Gordon Turner does just that."
Random Passage: "The development of transportation and communication in the twentieth century has taught us that distance is an obstacle which can be surmounted by overcoming our physical limitations. Two hundred years ago it would have taken months or years for one person to pass a m…

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