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The Moth-eaten Garment

Title: The Moth-eaten Garment
Genre: Religion
Author: Bud Robinson (1860-1942)
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri
Year: 1961
Pages: 40
Format: Booklet, staple-bound trade format
Provenance: Title page has "Library of Jimmy Farley" relief stamp
Chapters: The Moth-eaten Garment; In Canaan; Seed Sowing; Fruit Bearing; A Few Things That Prove Depravity; The Five Things Necessary to Get You to Heaven; "Set Thine House in Order: For Thou Shalt Die"; A Wall of Fire; In the Hollow of His Hand; Being Led by the Spirit.
Random Passage: "It has been declared by men who are in authority that there is no way to cultivate a thistle and transform it into a rose. In fact, the more you cultivate a thistle, the larger it grows, the more seed it produces, the more dangerous it becomes, and the more fearful it looks."
Notes: Collection of sermons written by evangelist Reuben "Uncle Bud" Robinson. From the preface: "The Moth-eaten…

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