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The Workbasket, June 1976

Periodical: “The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine”
Issue: June 1976 (Volume 41, Number 9)
Publisher: Modern Handcraft, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri.
Pages: 46
Provenance: Label on front cover with address for a subscriber in Germantown, Wisconsin.
Projects to Do: Slipover Sweater; Poncho — Variegated Yarn; Baby’s Ensemble; Sweater Set; Child’s Sweater — Mock Cable; Round Serving Mat; Girl’s Playsuit; Man’s Stripe-Trim Cardigan; Camisole and Cardigan; Toddler’s Vest; Napkin Ring; Felt Flag; Parrot Panel Tote Bag; Rose Beads; Giant Star; Make a “Rag Shag.”
Regular Features: Women Who Make Cents; With the Cooks; Canning, Preserving, Freezing; Flower and Garden Forum; Backyard Lily Pool; Tuberoses for Fragrance; Disguising Figure Problems.
Random Passage: “Decorate wastebaskets according to room they will be in and make something pretty out of odds and ends. Basket is made of five gallon ice cream containers which may be obtained by asking for them at ice cream fountains. If these are not a…

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