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Movies On TV, 1969-70 Edition

Title: Movies on TV: 1969-70 Edition
Genre: Reference/Fine Arts
Editor: Steven H. Scheuer (1926-2014)
Illustrator: Unknown; resembles the work of Al Jaffee (b.1921)
Publisher: Bantam
Year: 1969
Pages: 404
Format: Paperback, Mass Market
Provenance: Sticker and stamps from Phoenix Community College library, obscured with black felt-tip markers
Sample Review: "Wispy little drama of a boy's dog, left behind when the family moves from Nevada to Los Angeles, who breaks away and follows the trail. Within its limits quite entertaining. Good script and direction." (The Silent Call, 1961)
Another Sample Review: "Couple meet on shipboard, eventually break their engagement and decide to meet in six months. Superb romantic drama with moments of comedy; touching and excellently acted." (Love Affair, 1939)
Notes: Annually published (since 1958) collection of terse mini-reviews of American films broadcast on television. In the preface (below), author Scheuer explains the method…

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