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The Alfred Hitchcock Murder Case + Caesars Palace Postcard

Title: The Alfred Hitchcock Murder Case
Genre: Suspense Fiction
Author: George Baxt (1923-2003)
Illustrator: Nicky Zann (1943-)
Publisher: International Polygonics, Ltd, New York, New York
Series: A Crime Classic®
Year: 1987 (first IPL paperback edition of 1986 book)
Pages: 280
Format: Paperback, mass-market format
Provenance: Unknown
Author Bio Excerpt: “Mr. Baxt lives in New York, is a bachelor, and is devoted to his VCR.”
Opening Sentence: “The Furies were gaining on him.”
Random Passage: “Alma gathered up the tea-things on the tray and led the way to the kitchen. ‘There’s not terribly too much to see. It’s quite an ordinary little flat. We don’t spend as much time here as we used to. We love the cottage so.’ Hitchcock followed them into the kitchen, reminding himself to reprove Alma for serving stale biscuits.”
Goodreads Review: “Alfred Hitchcock is directing his first movie as a young man in Munich when one of his crew is murdered. A second murder follows, but the police are baffl…

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