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Mammals of the Southwest Deserts

Title: Mammals of the Southwest Deserts
Genre: Science & Nature
Author: George Olin (1907-?)
Illustrator: Jerry Cannon
Publisher: Southwestern Monuments Association, Globe, Arizona.
Series: “Popular Series No. 8”
Year: 1965 (third printing of 1954 booklet)
Pages: 112
Format: Perfect-bound softcover booklet.
Provenance: Unknown
Opening Sentence: “From the dawn of civilization upon this earth, man has been associated with the mammals that have inhabited the globe with him.”
Random Passage: “Description: a large black-footed, black-masked weasel about the size of an eastern mink. Total length about 26 inches, tail less than 3 inches. General color a buff or cream, darker along the middle of the back and lighter underneath. Feet and tip of tail are black, also a prominent mask across the face and eyes. Ears rather large.” (from Black-Footed Ferret)
Notes: By the mid-1960s, Southwestern Monuments Association had a veritable library of nearly 100 publications focusing on plant and animal…

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