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Popular Electronics, April 1982

Periodical: Popular Electronics
Issue: April 1982 (Volume 20, Number 4)
Publisher: Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, New York, New York
Pages: 124
Provenance: Address label for a subscriber in Eugene, Oregon affixed to front cover.
Construction Articles: Add Waveform Storage to Your Oscilloscope; Add a Distinctive Extension Phone Ring to Your Telephone; Build a Synchronous Detector for AM Radio; Charge Two Car Batteries at Once; 78-RPM Becomes Live Again!; Eliminate Data Loss in Your TRS-80.
Columns: Entertainment Electronics; Computer Bits; Computer Sources; Hobby Scene; Solid-State Developments; Experimenter's Corner; Project of the Month.
Departments: Editorial; New Products; Tips and Techniques; Electronics Library; New Literature; Operation Assist; Advertiser's Index; Personal Electronics News.
Random Passage: "A modified SL-D1 turntable has been operated satisfactorily by the author for one year. To date, there has been no evidence of excessive heat dissipation or mecha…

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