National Geographic on Indians of the Americas

Title: National Geographic on Indians of the Americas: A Color-Illustrated Record
Genre: History/Anthropology
Author: Matthew W. Stirling (1896-1975); multiple contributors; introduction by John Oliver La Gorce (1880-1959)
Illustrator: W. Langdon Kihn (1898-1957) and Herbert Herget (1885-1950)
Publisher: The National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
Year: 1958 (fourth printing, originally published 1955)
Pages: 432
Format: Hardcover, linen bound with dust jacket
Provenance: Inside front cover has a clear address label belonging to Doris E. Moe of La Mesa, California. Also contained two scraps of lined notebook paper.
Chapter Title Examples: The Incas, Empire Builders of the Andes; Indians of Our Western Plains; Mexico's Timeless Indians; Dicovering Machu Picchu
Random Passage: "The Basket Makers first arrived about the start of the Christian era to occupy uplands of present-day New Mexico, Utah and northern Arizona. These long-headed pioneers used spear throwers and lived in caves, probably also in brush shelters erected in the open."
Notes: A hefty, heavily illustrated account of Native peoples (past and present) of the Americas. From the dust jacket: "This beautiful volume stems from the National Geographic Magazine and more than 25 National Geographic Society archeological and anthropological expeditions ranging from Cape Horn to the Arctic."


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