Australia's Heritage

Title: Australia's Heritage
Genre: History/Text
Authors: W. P. Logue, B.A.; Sister M. Anne McLay, B.A., M.Ed.; J. E. R. Pearson, B.A., Dip.Ed.; J. A. Sparkes, B.A., Dip.Ed.
Illustrator: Unknown (sadly)
Publisher: The Jacaranda Press, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Year: 1964 (second printing)
Pages: 286
Format: Hardback with printed cover
Provenance: Previous owner's name and "$2.25" written in pencil on first page. Also contains a page from "TV Week" magazine, August 26, 1967, showing photos of Australian singer Ronnie Burns on one side and actress Mia Farrow on the other.
Opening Sentence: "Before starting on a journey with your parents, in the Christmas holidays, you want to know where you are going and why you are going and how you are going."
Random Passage: "We have seen that Australia was first settled solely as a convict colony, and, for fear that convicts might escape, Governor Phillip was instructed to build no ships in New South Wales."
Notes: A comprehensive history of Australia written for high school-aged students, divided in five parts and filled with detailed woodcut-style illustrations. While I can't comment much on the text, the artist(s) did a fantastic job.


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