Dr. Frank's No-Aging Diet

Title: Dr. Frank's No-Aging Diet
Genre: Fitness & Health
Author: Dr. Benjamin S. Frank (d.1979) with Philip Miele
Publisher: Dial Press, New York, New York
Year: 1976
Pages: 162
Format: Hardback with dust jacket
Provenance: Modern inventory sticker from Thrift Books on base of dust jacket spine
Chapter Title Examples: A New Energy for Our Cells; It Shows on Your Face; New Hope for Victims of Heart Disease; A No-Aging Diet for Vegetarians
Opening Paragraph: "Good health is the natural state of the human body. I believe in maintaining this state— and in restoring it if it is lost—in ways that are natural to the body: not with powerful drugs but with natural nutrients. I have found that these nutrients work better and are far safer than medicines which are so powerful (the word really should be dangerous) that the public must be protected from them by laws that require prescriptions."
Random Passage: "A particularly interesting theory holds that protein molecules, which are long chains of amino acids, become linked with other protein molecules. The doubled or tripled molecules that result are un-natural to the human body."
Notes: Dr. Frank's extensive research in the healing/restorative powers of nucleic acids went into this book, somewhat ahead of its time in suggesting high doses of concentrated vitamins in addition to a healthy diet. The diet itself prescribes foods heavy in beneficial RNA (ribonucleic acid) such as fish and beans. In fact, he included an entire section consisting of nothing but sardine recipes, one of which is reproduced below. Happy eatin'!


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