Nina Nurse: Hospital Helper

Title: Nina Nurse: Hospital Helper
Genre: Children's
Author: Joan Potter Elwart (1927-2007)
Illustrator: Stina Nagel (1918-1969)
Publisher: Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin
Series: PeePul Pals™
Year: 1967
Pages: 20
Format: Hardback, small-format
Provenance: Unknown; red permanent marker scribbles on back cover
Random Passage: "See? She's ready to work/And knows just what to do;/But she'll need lots of help./Could her helper be you?"
Goodreads Review: "Another bedtime favorite from when I was a kid. I can remember my mom reading this one to me." — Rebecca, July 15, 2008
Notes: Nina Nurse: Hospital Helper was originally sold as part of the PeePul Pals, a series of doll-and-book playsets manufactured by Whitman in 1967. In the book, the saucer-eyed, somewhat unsettling Nina helps out in a hospital filled with human characters who are the same size as the doll. PeePul Pals centered around characters from classic fairy tales and traditionally feminine identities such as nurse, stewardess, bride and ballerina. On vintage reseller site Rubylane, a seller offered a nicely preserved Sally Stewardess PeePul Pal. Enjoy the entire contents of Nina Nurse: Hospital Helper!


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