Rome Haul

Title: Rome Haul
Genre: Fiction
Author: Walter D. Edmonds (1903-1998); introduction by J. Donald Adams (c.1892-1968)
Illustrator: Unknown
Publisher: Award Books
Year: 1965 (first Award Books edition of 1929 novel)
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback, Mass-Market
Provenance: Price sticker in the amount of 19¢ (whatta deal!) affixed to front cover.
Opening Sentence: "In 1850, the road to Boonville wound out of the Tug Hill country through long stretches of soft wood."
Random Passage: "Molly glanced at her and lazily pulled a wisp of hair from in front of her eyes. She smiled, but it was a lifeless smile."
Notes: Published while the author was still in his twenties, Rome Haul was the first of several epic historic novels by Walter D. Edmonds. This particular one takes place on the Erie Canal in the 1850s. The story was filmed twice (in 1935 and 1953) with the title of The Farmer Takes a Wife.


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