The Little Red Caboose

Title: The Little Red Caboose
Genre: Children's
Author: Marion Potter
Illustrator: Tibor Gergely (1900-1978)
Publisher: Golden Press, New York, New York
Series: A Big Golden Book
Year: 1970 (Sixth printing of 1953 book)
Pages: 30
Format: Hardcover, large-format
Provenance: Unknown
Back Cover Blurb: "In the years since THE LITTLE RED CABOOSE first appeared as a Little Golden Book, this charming train story by Marion Potter has become a favorite with children all over the world. In English alone, THE LITTLE RED CABOOSE has sold over one million copies. Here, in a new, large size, filled with bright vigorous pictures by Tibor Gergely, is this delightful children's classic."
Opening Sentence: "The little red caboose always came in last."


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