The Story of the Liberty Bell

Title: The Story of the Liberty Bell
Genre: Childrens/History
Author: Natalie Miller
Illustrator: Betsy Warren
Publisher: Childrens Press, Chicago, Illinois
Series: Cornerstones of Freedom
Year: 1975 (6th printing of book originally published 1965)
Pages: 30
Format: Hardcover, library binding
Provenance: Green, newer-appearing pocket and checkout card inside the front cover.
Opening Sentence: "Over two hundred years ago, when our country was still a part of England, the people of Pennsylvania built a fine big State House in Philadelphia."
Random Passage: "Iron casting and bell casting are two different things, for bells have no iron in them. They are made of tin and copper. The amount of each metal makes the tone of the bell."
Goodreads Review: "This is a book that I loved reading when I was in elementary school. It is a brief and understandable history of one of the most revered American national symbols. While most people know that it is cracked, the general belief is that the present crack was generated the first time it was rung. That is not the case, the Liberty Bell has an extensive history of being recast as well as being taken on tours across the United States. A brief book packed with a great deal of history, this is one of the best and most educational books for elementary school children." — Charles, April 19, 2016
Notes: The durable Cornerstones of Freedom series has encompassed at least 200 titles covering all aspects of American history; the charming Liberty Bell volume was one of the earliest. Publisher Childrens Press was acquired by Grolier in 1996, eventually becoming a division of Scholastic in the 21st century.


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