Walt Disney's Disneyland

Title: Walt Disney's Disneyland
Genre: Travel
Author: Martin A. Sklar (1934-2017); Introduction by Walt Disney (1901-1966)
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions
Year: 1969 (updated edition of 1964 book)
Pages: 72
Format: Hardcover, large format
Provenance: Unknown
Subtitle: "The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How It Was Done ...Of the Man Who Made It Possible ...And of the Millions of Visitors Who Have Helped Make It the Happiest Place on Earth"
Random Passage: "Originally, Tomorrowland's goal was to present 'a living blueprint for our future.' Of all Disneyland's realms, Tomorrowland was the most difficult to conceive and design, and it has undergone the most change. For Walt Disney and his artists were working not in the devil-may-care world of science fiction, but in one based on conceptions of tomorrow held by some of America's foremost men of science and industry. And in the world we live in, what is tomorrow today is seldom tomorrow tomorrow." (from Tomorrowland)
Notes: Disneyland's first fifteen years of fun are presented in this colorful souvenir book. Although this edition bears a copyright date of 1969, it includes descriptions and photos from slightly later park attractions such as the Country Bear Jamboree (1972-2001) and America Sings (1974-1988).


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