Cooking On Wheels

Title: Cooking on Wheels
Subtitle: "A cookbook for travel trailers, pick-up campers, tent campers, motor homes, and all recreational vehicles with cooking facilities"
Genre: Cookbooks
Author: Arlene Strom; foreword by Helen Byam Schwamborn
Illustrator: Roger W. Palmquist
Publisher: The Bond Wheelwright Company, Freeport, Maine
Year: 1975 (fifth printing of 1970 book)
Pages: 146
Format: Paperback, trade format
Provenance: Two-dollar price stickers on front and back covers.
From the Introduction: "My trailer friends have encouraged this publication, but it should be of interest to the thousands of women who never have the fun of cooking on wheels. Trailer cooking and cooking in a well-equipped home kitchen often have the same goal — quick and simple food preparation with a minimum of work."
Random Passage: "Sift together the flour, soda, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Cream together butter, brown and white sugars. Add egg and milk. Then add the dry ingredients."
Notes: A cookbook for the new generation of on-the-move retirees and other adventurers which blossomed in the 1960s and '70s. Although the recipes often rely on unhealthy processed foods, I can see where this would be a handy volume to take along on a camping or road trip. I'm including Strom's recipe for pumpkin spice cookies in the scans below — bon appetit! Fellow blogger Katiecrackernuts has recently shared another of Strom's cookie recipes, Swedish Cardamom Date Drops.


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