GEO Magazine, October 1983

Periodical: GEO
Genre: Culture/Travel & Leisure
Publisher: Knapp Communications Corporation, Los Angeles, California
Date: October 1983 (Vol. 5)
Pages: 108
Format: Standard-format magazine, perfect bound
Provenance: Unknown
Departments: Dear Reader; Geosphere; Geo Conversation; Geo People; Geo Wildlife.
Articles: Space, Inc. ("Sober business sorts are now vying to make money by launching private rockets into space."); Bonsai ("Miniature sculpted trees explain the spirit of Japan."); Into the Wild Blue Chamber ("A new thrill sport called Flyaway can leave you blowing in the wind."); The Pilgrim Who Stayed ("For more than a quarter century Malcolm Miller has had a love affair with Chartres Cathedral.")
Random Passage: "The queen has power. Visitors return here. Conversations occur. Before the windows, chattering sightseers grow hushed. A group of Japanese Buddhists light candles. A man stops Miller in the aisle just to tell someone this is the most beautiful place he's ever seen." (from The Pilgrim Who Stayed)
Notes: Short-lived magazine geared toward an affluent, erudite audience, editorially an odd hybrid of National Geographic science reportage and the early, pointy-headed revival of Vanity Fair (coincidentally, an advertiser in this issue). The cover interview with dapper Tom Wolfe was conducted by the president's son, Ron Reagan, and the article on bonsai was penned by noted historian David Halberstam. Despite those marquee names, GEO struggled since its 1979 launch and was forced to fold its pages by early 1985. Glossy advertisements for upscale yuppie products like early VCRs apparently didn't help.


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