Mrs. Green's Daughter-In-Law

Title: Mrs. Green's Daughter-In-Law
Genre: Fiction
Author: Nelia Gardner White (1894-1957)
Publisher: A. L. Burt Company, New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois
Year: 1932
Pages: 310
Format: Hardcover, no dust jacket.
Provenance: Inscribed "With much love to Agnes from Hilma 10-15-34" in ink on inside front cover. Pencil marks on last page.
Opening Sentence: "At half-past six on Saturday morning Mrs. Phoebe Green came out into her yard."
Random Passage: "'Do you really?' Laurie turned toward Phoebe and her voice was a little tense. 'I've always said so—but I don't know now. Perhaps you've got to be a partner before you're fit to be free. Perhaps it's that way.'"
Notes: Archetypal "woman's story" about a widow who discovers her own self-worth when her four grown children come to visit. From the description—"The author develops a poignant situation which could arise in any family, through the strains and trials of modern life and marriage, in a novel of understanding, truth and courage."


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