The Arizona Bank Insider's Guide

Title: The Arizona Bank Insider's Guide
Genre: Reference/Travel
Author: Boyé De Mente (1928-2017)
Illustrator: Unknown
Publisher: Phoenix Books, Phoenix, Arizona
Series: Insider's Guide
Year: 1974
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback, Mass Market
Provenance: Unknown
Opening Sentence: "One of the first things a visitor or new resident discovers about Phoenix, Scottsdale and the adjoining communities in the Valley of the Sun is the amount of time, energy and money that people here devote to enjoying life."
Sample Entry:
Notes: A guide to Metro Phoenix and Tucson as they were in the sunny, relatively sedate 1970s. Boyé Lafayette De Mente authored many other books including Bachelor's Mexico, Face-Reading for Fun & Profit, How to Do Business in Japan, Bachelor's Japan and The Art of Mistress-Keeping in Japan.


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