Drawing the Head & Figure

Title: Drawing the Head & Figure
Genre: Fine Arts/Instruction
Author and Illustrator: Jack Hamm (1916-1996)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, New York, New York
Dedication: “Dedicated to My Wife Dorisnel Who Has Given Invaluable Assistance All Along the Way”
Year: 1963
Pages: 120
Format: Paperback, perfect-bound.
Provenance: Front cover sports a sticker from Globe store in the amount of $1.52 (a discount of 43 cents from the printed price). Also contains a small pencil drawing of a woman’s eye signed “MATT,” and a newspaper clipping of an illustration showing various male and female heads.
Chapter Title Examples: Introduction to the Head; The Facial Features; The Hair; Head Patterns and Comparisons; Youth and Age; Fundamentals of the Figure; The Torso and the Figure; Principles of Figure Drawing; The Neck and Shoulders; The Head; The Arm; The Hand; The Leg; The Feet; The Clothing.
Opening Sentence: “What in life is more important than people?”
Random Passage: “Practice simplified back sketches such as those on the right. See how center groove line of spine changes direction at midsection. Traces of scapula may be emphasized.” (from The Back of the Human Figure)
Goodreads Review: “This is a fantastic book for learning to draw people. It’s from the fifties, so the styles of hair and dress are outdated and the features are more European looking, but it’s still an excellent reference and I improved my skills just by practice drawing some of the figures and employing the suggested techniques. I ordered this used off Amazon for a very affordable price (less than $5) and it was so worth it. I highly recommend this to artists who want to focus on figure drawing.” — Danielle the Book Huntress (Back to the Books), January 1, 2017.
Notes: As the review above states, this book serves as a solid reference with lots of timely advice for would-be figure drawing artists. I know that I will be keeping it on my shelf.


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