Plate World, July-August 1989

Periodical: Plate World
Subtitle: The Magazine of Collector’s Plates
Issue: July-August 1989 (Vol. 11, No. 4)
Publisher: Plate World, Ltd., Niles, Illinois.
Pages: 146
Provenance: Unknown
Features: Mixing Art with Motherhood: Vieonne Morley; Plate World Reader Survey Results; Pasadena Show Review; South Bend Showcase; Sue Etem; A Conversation with Sam Butcher; Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade; Winning Images; 50 Ideas for New Plate Series; A Splash of Light; Susan Leigh; Greg Perillo Plate Price Guide.
Departments: At Issue; People in the Plate World; Readers Forum; New & Recent; Plate Collecting Basics; Questions & Answers; Classic Series: Knowles Wizard of Oz; Plate Hotline; Today’s Market; The Market Bradex; Backstamp; Collectors’ Club Directory; Dealer Directory; Self-Portrait: Bob Hunn; Index of Advertisers.
Random Passage: “Gardino says he wanted Harrison Ford to look good and have an atmosphere around him. Some of his research included hunting down movie stills of Ford and ‘matching heads and bodies’ as part of a meticulous research process.” (from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Notes: Plate World offers an intriguing peek into the collector-plate hobby in the 1980s. Plate collectors apparently obsessed over the values of their treasures, what makes for a good subject for a collector plate, and delving into the private lives of their favorite collector-plate artists. Subject matters for plates mostly ran toward the familiar and/or sentimental (so many adorable children!), with a cursory nod toward contemporary pop culture with one article on a plate commemorating the current box office hit, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Some of this issue’s advertisements also highlight collectible figurines.


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