The Iceman Cometh + Norwegian Receipt

Title: The Iceman Cometh
Genre: Drama/Fine Arts
Author: Eugene O’Neill (1888-1993)
Design and Illustration: George Guisti (1908-1990)
Publisher: Vintage Books (division), Random House, New York, New York
Year: c. 1950s (paperback edition of 1940 play)
Pages: 264
Format: Paperback, mass market format.
Provenance: Previous owner's stamp inside the front cover, Los Angeles address, name obscured with marker.
From the Setting Description: “Harry Hope’s is a Raines-Law hotel of the period, a cheap ginmill of the five-cent whiskey, last-resort variety situated on the downtown West Side of New York. The building, owned by Hope, is a narrow five-story structure of the tenement type, the second floor, a flat occupied by the proprietor.”
Random Passage: “LARRY (Seizing on this with vindictive relish) Ha! So that’s what happened to you, is it? Your iceman joke finally came home to roost, did it? (He grins tauntingly) You should have remembered there’s truth in the old superstition that you’d better look out what you call because in the end it comes to you!”
Notes: O’Neill’s politically-charged play is given a spare, playful treatment in Guisti’s cover design. As a bonus, I’m also including an old receipt a hospice in the Norwegian city of Stjørdal. Dated June 21, 1972, the receipt includes two middag (dinners) and two kaffe (coffees) totaling the price of 19.00 (presumably Norwegian currency). Unlike the O’Neill play, no alcohol was consumed during this transaction.


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