You're Growing Up

Title: You're Growing Up
Genre: Text/Children's
Authors: Helen Shacter, Ph.D., Gladys Gardner Jenkins, M.A., and W. W. Bauer, M.D.
Illustrators: Connie Moran, Clara Ernst, and Felix Traugott
Publisher: Scott, Foresman & Company, Chicago, Illinois
Series: Health and Personal Development Program
Year: 1950
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover with printed linen binding.
Provenance: “Jennifer Watkins” written in careful all-caps type on inside front cover.
Sections: Growing Up; Understanding Yourself; Getting Along with Others; Growing Up Healthfully; Growing Up Safely; Growing Up in a Safe, Healthful Community.
Opening Sentence: “On the first day of school in September an interesting notice appeared on the seventh-grade bulletin board.”
Random Passage: “No doubt you, too, have had mixed feelings about various invitations. On the one hand, you may have wanted to accept an invitation; but on the other hand, you may have hesitated because you weren’t quite sure what to do or say at such a social gathering.” (from “What Should I Do?”)
Notes: Perky, common-sense advice for middle-school kids on health, relationships, etiquette and feelings. While some of this stuff is quite dated (“What can be done when a polio epidemic occurs?”), most of the material winds up being surprisingly solid. As a public service to 4CC’s massive readership, many of the (great) illustrations are included below.


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