Seventeen Magazine, February 1955

Periodical: Seventeen
Genre: General Interest
Publisher: Triangle Publishing
Date: February, 1955
Format: Perfect-bound, large-format magazine
Provenance: Unknown
Section Groupings: What You Wear; How You Look and Feel; Fiction; You and Others; Home and Food Doings; Having Fun.
Random Passage: "...use your ingenuity to think up dates that will be easy on Jim's billfold without being hard on his pride—parties at your house, picnics, an inexpensive movie (this last paid for by Jim, of course, but followed by a snack at your house instead of at a snack bar)." (Advice to a girl dating a low-on-cash boy, from Any Problems? by Claudia Hatch.)
Notes: Fun, fascinating back issue of the long-running teen magazine. The "Teens in the News" column in this particular issue features 19 year-old British actress Julie Andrews, then starring on the Broadway stage in The Boy Friend.


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