One Day the Hodja

Title: One Day the Hodja
Genre: Folklore
Author: Murat Hikmet
Illustrator: Muammer Bakir
Publisher: Tarhan, Ankara, Turkey
Year: 1962 (second enlarged edition of 1959 book)
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
Provenance: Unknown
Chapter Title Examples:
Random Passage: "The Hodja once took a basket of figs to the market, settled comfortably on the curb and began waiting for customers. By and by a woman came along and asked the Hodja if she could have a kilo of figs and pay for them later."
Notes: Humorous folk tales, a tradition in Turkish culture, involving the wise character Nasreddin Hodja. This particular book caught my eye for the crisp, whimsical illustrations, printed in black with solid color accents. All of the interior art is included below. Keyfini çıkarın and safe travels!


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