I Have a Turtle

Title: I Have a Turtle
Genre: Children's
Author: Kathy Bing
Illustrator: R. J. Davidson
Publisher: Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin
Series: Whitman Tiny-Tot Tale
Year: 1966 (reprint of 1963 book)
Pages: 20
Format: Hardcover, small-format
Provenance: Unknown
Goodreads Review: "I think it kind of boring but I need to find some children to read it to before I can rate it properly."—Janice, June 22, 2016.
Notes: A young boy reveals why his little pet turtle is the most special thing in his world. Delightful, simple story told with appealing, quasi-modern illustrations. Not much is known of the author; artist Reuben J. Davidson channeled his energies into anti-war activism with his wife, Bernice.


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