A Mexican Sketchbook

Title: A Mexican Sketchbook
Genre: Travel/Essays
Author and Illustrator: Harry B. Love
Publisher: Edición del autor, Mexico
Year: 1960
Pages: 112
Format: Paperback, perfect-bound trade format
Provenance: Unknown
From the Introduction: "In the forties, Mary and I visited Mexico a few times. After we met the Mexican people, and smelled the charcoal cooking fires of Mexico, we fell in love with this cornucopia-shaped country and its people. So, in 1949 we came here to live."
Random Passage: "One of the Mexican's favorite expressions is, 'Don't worry.' And they don't. They say there are but a few ulcers among the almost five million persons who live and work in this busy city."
Notes: In the '50s and '60s, Harry B. Love served as an advertising manager for the English-language daily The News in Mexico City. This limited-edition book collects some of Love's charming observations and sketches as an American living in Mexico, published twice a week in the newspaper starting in 1959. Although he promised a follow-up collection of vignettes for 1961, the second volume apparently was never published.


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