Map of Pottstown

Title: Map of Pottstown and the Greater Pottstown Area
Genre: Maps/Ephemera
Publisher: J. Paul Jones Publications Inc., Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Year: 1977
Format: Fold-out map, 17 by 11 inches
Provenance: Multiple handwritten notes on both sides, including a circle with the word "Yergey's" written on detailed street map.
Notes: Pottstown, Pennsyvania has a rich history in agriculture and steel production. By the time this map was produced, the town was coming off a post-World War II manufacturing boom resulting in a larger population. As of 2016, population levels have cooled to approximately the same amount as in the 1950 census. Pottstown is also the birthplace of musician Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates.


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