Moon of Three Rings/Owl Bookplate

Title: Moon of Three Rings
Genre: Science Fiction
Author: Andre Alice Norton (1912-2005)
Publisher: The Viking Press, New York, New York
Year: 1966
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover, no dust jacket
Provenance: Unknown; price sticker residue on first page
Chapter Titles: Krip Vorlund; Maelen; Krip Vorlund; Maelen; Krip Vorlund; Maelen; Krip Vorlund; Maelen; Krip Vorlund.
Opening Sentence: "What is space?"
Random Passage: "Impatience came with nightfall. We sought food, prowling up and down the line we had assigned ourselves. I found my luck was such as to keep my belly empty, for I could not scent any game. But water was not lacking and I learned that to go hungry does not cripple one."
Goodreads Review: "Where would SF and Fantasy writing have been without Andre Norton? She made many readers enjoy SF/Fantasy. She wrote about strong female characters way back before the 'Female Eunuch' and gave female readers a taste for SF/Fantasy. For years she was the only serious writer of this type of story and was she ever a story teller. The novels about Krip and Maleen [sic] are among my favourites." — P.D.R. Lindsay, Feb. 26, 2013.
Notes: Let us now praise fabulous linen book cover designs. Ironically, it's likely that the Sci Fi fans who purchased Andre Norton's Moon of Three Rings in 1966 did not peek under the dust jacket to check out this evocative illustration printed directly on the cover. In the spirit of appreciating cool '60s imagery, I'm also including a lovely bookplate with an owl in a woodsy tree, found inside a copy of Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language.


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