The First Bow and Arrow

Title: The First Bow and Arrow
Genre: Children's
Author: Chester G. Osborne (1915-1987)
Illustrator: Richard N. Osborne
Publisher: Follett Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois
Year: 1960s (sixth printing of 1951 book)
Pages: 92
Format: Hardcover, Library Binding
Provenance: Library check-out pocket on first page, "$3.12 Int." written in pencil, rubber-stamped address obscured by black magic marker
Opening Sentence: "It was Grandfather Ol who first saw the Cave-Bear."
Random Passage: "This was a problem. He pushed the notch at the hide again and touched it. 'I'll have to use a smaller strip of skin,' he thought. 'Then it will fit into the notch better.'"
Notes: A family of primitive people struggle with a fearsome "Cave-Bear," until the oddly clean-cut children help to find a way to defeat the creature. A composer and conductor in addition to writing, author Chester G. Osborne enlisted his brother, Richard, to illustrate this book. Chester's daughter, Patricia, is also an artist.


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