The Greatest Thing in the World

Title: The Greatest Thing in the World
Genre: Religion
Author: Henry Drummond (1851-1897)
Illustrator: Boyd Hanna (1907-1987)
Publisher: The Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, New York
Year: Unknown (likely late 1950s)
Pages: 62
Format: Hardback, missing dust jacket
Provenance: First page sports a sticker: "Purchased at the Leadership School at Wells College Synods of New England and New York; Wells College, Aurora, New York, 1957; The Westminster Book Store." Also has "25¢" written in pencil on the same page.
Chapter Titles: From Saint Paul; The Contrast; The Analysis; The Defense.
Opening Sentence: "Every one has asked himself the great question of antiquity as of the modern world: What is the summum bonum — the supreme good?"
Random Passage: "Analyze, as a study in Temper, the thunder-cloud as it gathers upon the Elder Brother's brow. What is it made of? Jealousy, anger, pride, uncharity, touchiness, self-righteousness, cruelty, doggedness, sullenness,— these are the ingredients of this dark and loveless soul."
Goodreads Review: "The classic analysis of First Corinthians, chapter 13. Drummond has produced a treatise on love so wise, so full, so spiritual that it makes me want to elevate and broaden my concept of love and practice the unselfed, generous, broad, spiritual love full of grace that Drummond challenges us to express. Drummond is logical, profound, and high-minded. He shows how this passage from Paul demands much of us. I'd better get started!" — Susan Vreeland, March 17, 2012.
Notes: The Greatest Thing in the World (1890) is a widely reproduced transcription of a sermon delivered by Drummond, a Scottish Christian evangelist. This particular edition came courtesy of Peter Pauper Press, which produced handsomely mounted letterpress books like this one in the 1950s and '60s (actually, they're still in business!).


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