How to Clean Everything

Title: How to Clean Everything
Genre: Home & Garden/How-To
Author: Alma Chesnut Moore
Illustrator: Tom Funk (1911-2003)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York
Year: 1977 (third revised and updated edition of 1952 book)
Pages: 240
Format: Hardcover, with dust jacket.
Provenance: Unknown
From the Dust Jacket: "Ink stain on your clothes? Is your Pyrex dish encrusted with the remains of a leftover casserole? How do you clean your microwave oven of self-defrosting refrigerator? A filthy Dacron-polyester sleeping bag? Got a new dress and you've lost the cleaning directions?"
Random Passage: "Gas Fading Rayons especially may fade or develop streaks under the bombardment of smoke and gas fumes in the industrial cities. An anti-fume finish is designed to counteract this and is applied at the factory. No special cleaning or washing instructions are required for fabrics with the antifume finish. See also 'Rayon.'"
Goodreads Review: "Inherited from my mother-in-law first year of marriage. Everything is in there! Not just cleaning but care of things - yes, I was that uninformed and I'm still an inconsistent housekeeper. But the tips in the book were a big help as I was really and truly and completely clueless." — etherealfire, January 13th, 2014.
Notes: Chesnut Moor arranged the subjects in this guide alphabetically, resulting in a neatly arranged, straightforward book covering everything from Abrasives to Zippers. I was also taken by Tom Funk's charming retro-folk-art illustrations (possibly held over from the original 1952 edition). A sampling of Funk's art can be viewed on this Fishink blog entry.


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