New Worlds Beyond the Atom

Title: New Worlds Beyond the Atom
Genre: Science, Nature & Pets
Author: Langston Day, in collaboration with George De La Warr
Publisher: EP Publishing Limited, Yorkshire, England
Year: 1973
Pages: 138
Format: Hardback, with dust jacket.
Provenance: Inscription from the director of the now-defunct Delawarr Labs LTD (mentioned on the book's dust jacket) — "Happy to meet you Sallie — it was good to meet 'a medical mind' & I enjoyed talking with you."
Chapter Title Examples: How Much Does Science Know?; Radiation Known and Unknown; Using Light to Carry Wave-Forms; The Pitfalls of a Pioneer; Critics and Gremlins; The Forces of Conservatism; The Great Artificer.
From the Foreword: "When an important scientific discovery is made, articles describing it first appear in scientific and technical publications, after which books are written for the students of a new subject; and finally the popular expositions become available for the lay reader."
Random Passage: "On the other hand, the new methods described in this book are far more delicate and discriminatory. Unlike a general massacre of friend or foe, they are equivalent to a resistance movement which arms and fortifies the inhabitants against the occupying power, supplying them with guns and food and at the same time engaging the enemy by highly selective bombing."
Notes: A dry book on breakthroughs in the research of subatomic particles. The black and white photos are quite weird and evocative, however. Take a look below.


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