Poured Candles and Trims

Title: Poured Candles and Trims
Genre: Home & Garden/Crafts, Hobbies
Author: "Candle Advisor" Kitty Griffith and others.
Publisher: Craft Course Publishers, Inc., Rosemead, California
Series: "Handicrafts for Fun"
Year: 1969 (second revised edition of 1965 booklet)
Pages: 24
Format: Magazine-style, staple-bound book.
Provenance: Unknown
Contents: Foreword; Foliating Candle; Lasting Beauty; Candle Wax; Coloring Wax; Candle Wicks; Candle Molds; Candle Making Instructions; 3-D Molds; Miscellaneous Molds; Plastic Molds; Whip Wax; Hurricane Candles; Candle Scents; Candles in Glass Containers; Ballentined Glass-tainer; Lace Ice Candle; Stacked Candles; Poured Bells; Wax Ribbon; Boutiquing Candles; Fantasy Wax; Decorating with Sculptured Wax; Candle Decorating with Wax Grapes; Sand Casting Candles; Glow Candles; Rainbow Candle; Confetti Candle; Safety Do's and Don'ts and Other Tips.
Random Passage: "An exciting, unusual and 'fun' project is working with free-form wax. This is done in a water bath. You never get the same effect twice and you never know what you're going to get!" (Fantasy Wax)
Notes: Poured Candles and Trims serves as an intriguing peek into 1960s hobbies—specifically, candle-making! Throughout these pages, humble wax is molded, twisted, curly-cued, dyed and scented into myriad forms. Sadly, there isn't a single aesthetically appealing example pictured here—most of the pictured examples range from mildly disturbing, to oh-my-God-poke-my-eyes-out terrifying.


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