The Facts of Craps

Title: The Facts of Craps
Genre: Sports & Recreation
Author: Walter I. Nolan
Publisher: Gambler's Book Club, Las Vegas, Nevada
Series: The publisher's Facts of booklets also covered Keno, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots and Roulette.
Year: 1970
Pages: 56
Format: Staple-bound softcover booklet.
Provenance: Index card printed with grid of dice probability numbers on one side, best bets at the crap table on the other.
Contents: The Crap Game; Some Background; Math of Craps; The Rules; Best Bets; Money Management; Things to Remember; For Information Only; Appendix; Glossary.
Opening Sentence: "Even if you've never seen a pair of dice you can be as good at Craps as your Uncle Harry in ten minutes."
Random Passage: "A Don't Come bet is the same as Don't Pass Line bet. This bet is made after the Come-Out roll and the shooter has a Point. Make this bet in the space provided and the next roll becomes the Come-Out roll for the Don't Come bet."
Notes: The Gambler's Book Club was founded in 1964 by a married couple with the fortuitous name of Luckman. John and Edna Luckman's enterprise still exists, anchored by a brick-and-mortar bookstore in the heart of old Vegas. A 1999 article from the Las Vegas Review Journal supplies some intriguing history on the Gambler's Book Club.


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