Garden Making and Keeping

Title: Garden Making and Keeping
Genre: Home & Garden
Author: Hugh Findlay (1879-1950)
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran & Company, Garden City (but of course), New York
Year: 1932 (updated edition of 1925 book)
Pages: 252
Format: Hardcover; missing dust jacket.
Provenance: "2.95" written in pencil on first page.
Chapter Titles: The Garden; The Lawn in High Light and Shadow; Friendly Gates and Their Planting; Paths and Border Planting; Wall-Garden Pockets; The Rock Garden; The Bird Garden; Little Pools and Aquatic Plants; The Rose Garden and Quiet; Bulbs and Kindred Plants; Annuals and Biennials We All Love; The Essentials of a Perennial Border; Colour, Texture, and Character Among Our Evergreens; Deciduous Shrubs for Screens and Shelter; Deciduous Trees; Appendix; Index.
Opening Sentence: “This garden that we are about to consider is not the larger dream, nor does it deal with the vegetable or fruit garden, but mostly with flowers, shrubs, and trees, which the smaller space will accommodate.”
Random Passage: “When the evergreens are shipped from the nursery, they are lifted from the field with considerable soil sticking to the roots, and this ball of earth is wrapped in a bag and kept moist. We have four months to select as dates for planting: April or May for early spring planting, and August and September for the late season planting. September is the ideal month for planting evergreens.”
Notes: Genteel gardening book, written in a tone that suggests a Shakespearean actor calmly discussing his favorite (favourite?) outside hobby. The drawings of roots, branches and shrubs have a rough-hewn quality which is quite appealing.


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