The Silver Stallion

Title: The Silver Stallion
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Author: Iris Danbury
Illustrator: Not credited.
Publisher: Harlequin Reader Service, Niagara Falls, New York.
Series: “A Harlequin Romance”
Year: 1974 (first Harlequin edition of 1973 novel)
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback, mass market format.
Provenance: Unknown.
From the Back Cover: “Lucie Durrant went to the Canary Islands on a working holiday looking for new ideas for the jewellery that she designed. Her call on the attractive Joel Barron was of a purely business nature, but later, as she came to know him better, she began to wonder if that was all he meant to her.”
Random Passage: “Georgina sighed. ‘I’m afraid he’s always had the playboy attitude to life. I doubt if he’ll ever marry and settle down.’”
Notes: Prototypical Harlequin romance with a self-reliant young woman unexpectedly finding love in an exotic setting. According to their website, Harlequin (est. 1949) originally offered books in a variety of genres. They began shifting their focus to Romance, however, after acquiring the U.S. reprint rights for British publishers Mills & Boone (of which The Silver Stallion is but one). The mysterious Iris Danbury (a pseudonym, perhaps?) authored several Harlequin sagas—at least 25—published between 1965 and 1977.


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