How to Raise and Train Budgerigars

Title: How to Raise and Train Budgerigars
Genre: Science, Nature & Pets
Author: William H. Allen, Jr.
Photography: Louise Van Der Meid
Publisher: T. F. H. Publications, Inc., Neptune City, New Jersey
Year: 1959
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback, trade format.
Provenance: Front page sports stamps from The Book Rack in Peoria, Illinois, and another stamp with “75¢.”
Chapter Titles: Introduction; How to Breed Parakeets; How to Sex Parakeets; Breeding Age; When to Breed Your Parakeet; Cage vs. Aviary Breeding; Aviary or Colony Breeding; The Incubation Period; How Young Budgies Are Fed; The Young Budgie; The Second Nest; Banding; Genetics and Color Breeding; Dominant and Recessive Characteristics; Sex-Linkage; Color Standard of the American Budgerigar Society; How and Where to House Your Budgie; How to Raise Parakeets Commercially; Cage Breeding; Nest Boxes; How to Train a Budgie; Teaching Your Budgie to Talk; How to Keep Your Parakeet Healthy and Happy; Diseases of Parakeet; 41 Points to Success.
Opening Sentence: “By far the most popular cage bird ever kept by man is the Australian Shell Parakeet or Budgerigar (‘Budgie’ as it is popularly called).”
Random Passage: “The feeding of budgerigars presents no problem for their diet is simplicity itself. In nature they are seed eaters. In addition they eat a few green foods such as grass and weeds of various types.” (from Nest Boxes)
Notes: How to Raise and Train Bedgerigars was a typical product of TFH Publications, which stocked their library of books on birds, cats, dogs and other animals in pet stores. Although they changed ownership in 1997, TFH is still publishing pet-care guides with the tagline “The Leader In Responsible Pet Care for Over 50 Years!”™.


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