This Home for Me

Title: This Home for Me
Genre: Children’s/Science, Nature & Pets
Author: Solveig P. Russell (1904-?)
Illustrator: Irma Wilde
Publisher: Broadman Press, Nashville, Tennessee
Year: 1962 (second printing)
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover with printed cover, laminated finish.
Provenance: Unknown
Opening Stanza: “Come, see the places where we live!/They may seem strange to you./Come, read about our homes/And things we often do!
Random Passage: “Trap-door spiders make their homes by digging round holes in the ground. They line the holes with spider-web silk. They make a door to fit the hole. It is covered with silk, too. The door will pop open if the trap-door spider pushes it. He will close it when he is inside.”
Notes: Gentle, straightforward book educates kids on the different ways animals make their homes. Each animal in this slim volume gets a brief verse and a description of its homestead (such as the trap-door spider, above). A brief reference to God in the second-to-last page diffuses the focus on science.


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