Doctor Squash the Doll Doctor

Title: Doctor Squash the Doll Doctor
Genre: Children’s
Author: Margaret Wise Brown (1910-1952)
Illustrator: John Parr Miller (1913-2004)
Publisher: Western Publishing, Racine, Wisconsin
Series: “A Little Golden Book”
Year: 1952 (unknown printing)
Pages: 28
Format: Hardcover with printed binding.
Provenance: Number “5” written in felt tip marker on cover.
Opening Sentence: “The poor little Wooden Soldier was sick, so sick he squeaked, / ‘Mother, Mother, I am sick / Call for the doctor quick quick quick.’”
Random Passage: “Doctor Squash arrived with two big bottles of pink poison-ivy lotion.”
Notes: Delightful story of a kindly doll doctor, enlivened with colorful art from former Disney artist J.P. Miller. In 2010, Doctor Squash was reissued with updated illustrations—replacing the potentially offensive Mammy, Native American and Mexican dolls with less controversial toys. The entire contents of the book are included below, partially missing title page and all!


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