Holiday Magazine Vermont Issue (1949)

Periodical: Holiday
Issue: November 1949 (Volume 3, Number 9)
Publisher: Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pages: 150
Provenance: Unknown
Selected Articles: Vermont (Dorothy Canfield); The Tasty Pig (Morris Markey); Isle of Capri (Ludwig Bemelmans); Conversation in Budapest (Robert Capa); Football Town (Carl L. Biemiller); The Blue Train (Joseph Wechsberg); The Seven Sisters (Carl Carmer).
Regular Features: Under the Sun; Entertainment; Movies; Books; Holiday By-Lines.
Random Passage: “On top of the smaller of the two coffee cups, on a rocky promontory that rises above Capri, is a villa with a sweeping view of the Mediterranean on both sides of the island. It is owned by Prince Gaetano Parente, who has the long legs to negotiate several times a day the two-hundred-odd stone steps by which the villa is reached. He is never without a small dog, a breed peculiar to the island and, like its population, of the most varied nomenclature.”
Notes: Holiday was an upscale travel magazine which managed to rope in some of the best writers and artists during its 1946-77 existence. My personal highlight in this particular, autumnal issue is the article by humorist S. J. Pereleman with illustrations by the one and only Al Hirschfeld. Vanity Fair explored this unique magazine’s history in this 2003 article.


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