Model Planes for Beginners

Title: Model Planes for Beginners
Genre: Sports, Games & Transportation
Author and Illustrator: Horace H. Gilmore (1903-1996)
Publisher: Harper & Brothers, New York, New York
Year: 1957 (second revised edition of 1942 book)
Pages: 104
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket.
Provenance: Stamps, markings, pocket residue from Supai and Coronado High School libraries in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Contents: Model Planes for Beginners; History of Flying; How a Plane Flies; Identifying Planes; The United States Air Force; Tools and Materials; How to Make Model Planes; Convair F-102A; Lockheed F-104A; North American F-100C; Chance Vought F4U-4; North American P-51; Lockheed P-80; Lockheed P-38; Lockheed Constellation; Boeing B-52 Stratofortress; Boeing 707 Stratoliner; Index.
Opening Sentence: “This book explains how to make simplified models of real planes—famous planes of the United States.”
Random Passage: “When the wing is in the correct position, hold it firmly and shape the end with the sandpaper block. Move the sandpaper block back and forth as shown by the arrow (PLate 15, Diagram 3.) Be sure to hold the sandpaper block squarely against the edge of the form.”
Notes: According to the dust jacket, H. H. Gilmore was something of a Renaissance man, painting and designing (including his own Dutch-revival home and studio in Blauvelt, New York) in addition to writing and illustrating instructional manuals such as this, Junior Boat Builder and How to Build a Model Navy. Additional info on Mr. Gilmore has been scarce on the web, although I was able to locate a page stating that he died at an august 93 years of age in 1996, St. Johnsbury, Connecticut.


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