The Kelvinator Book of Recipes

Title: The Kelvinator Book of Recipes, a.k.a. The Kelvinator Book of Kitchen Tested Recipes (title page)
Genre: Cookbooks/Ephemera
Illustrator: Unknown
Publisher: Kelvinator division of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Year: circa 1939
Pages: 34
Format: Paperback, staple-bound
Provenance: Unknown
Sections: Appetizers; Beverages; Baking; Casserole Dishes; Ice Creams; Ices; Sherbets; Mousses; Parfaits; Sauces; Miscellaneous; Pies•••Cakes•••Puddings; Soups; Salads; Salad Dressings; Equivalent Measures.
Opening Sentence: “Cocktails, appetizers and beverages, like salads and desserts, should be prepared with some regard for eye appeal as well as appetite appeal.” (from Appetizers)
Random Passage:
Goodreads Review: “One of the great advantages of refrigerator pies, cakes and puddings is the short time required to prepare them as compared to most range and oven desserts. This fact and their characteristic daintiness make them very useful as refreshments at bridge teas and receptions.” (from Pies•••Cakes•••Puddings)
Notes: The Kelvinator company merged with automakers Nash in 1937, which dates this particular booklet to the late 1930s. The Depression-era family who treated themselves to a brand new Kelvinator kitchen appliance received this handy booklet with their purchase, filled to the brim with recipes and illustrations of elegant housewives preparing and serving food (presumably with their handy Kelvinators). In the images below, I’ve included every unique illustration to enjoy. Also included is the cover of a users manual from 1940, Know Your Kelvinator Refrigerator.


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