Inside Phoenix 1979

Title: Inside Phoenix 1979
Genre: Business/Reference
Publisher: Phoenix Newspapers, Inc., Phoenix
Series: “Inside Phoenix”
Year: 1979
Pages: 152
Format: Paperback, perfect bound, large format.
Provenance: Unknown
Opening Sentence: “Inside Phoenix presents a sharp-sighted view of the dynamics of Metropolitan Phoenix.”
Random Passage: “All major appliances scored high marks in past-year purchases last year, but the brown goods items did especially well. Tape players, color television and stereo or quad systems displayed unusual strength in the ‘less than one year old’ category, indicating solid sales for 1978.”
Notes: An optimistic portrait of a growing metropolis, Inside Phoenix 1979 was produced to entice potential advertisers for Phoenix Newspapers’ two products, the morning Arizona Republic and afternoon Phoenix Gazette newspapers. Upward trends in population, employment, home sales and retail business are shown in myriad graphs and data. Phoenix Newspapers eventually folded the Gazette into the Republic in 1997, while the family-owned company was purchased outright by Gannett in 2000.


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